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<How "Healthy Hands Cooking" was founded>

Jan Pinnington, the founder of Healthy Hands Cooking, was a busy working mom with two beautiful kids. One day, she realized her kids lacked the most basic cooking skills and started to develop bad eating habits as a result. As a certified nutrition counselor, she noticed that her family did not make proper choices for healthy eating, having built-in excuses, such as lack of time or convenience. 

So, she started giving cooking lessons, in the comforts of her own kitchen, to her 11 year old daughter and her friends every Tuesday afternoon by teaching them kitchen safety, nutrition games, activities and healthy recipes. When Jan saw how much the kids loved her cooking classes and realized how proficient her daughter got in the kitchen, she became motivated to start her own business that would help others, especially moms, with educating kids on basic cooking skills and healthy eating habits. 

<Special features of Healthy Hands Cooking>

  • Fast growing business: high demand for instructors from parents
  • Profit and non-profit business module
  • Quick training/ high class per hour fee/ no cooking skills or teaching experience needed
  • Provide business and legal advice, free legal package and one-on-one consulting for your local community advertisement
  • 30-day money back period


Fast growing business: high demand for instructors from parents 

Healthy Hands Cooking was launched on May 4, 2012 and have already helped instructors in 14 different states and one overseas to start their own Healthy Hands Cooking business. The need for Healthy Hands Cooking instructors keeps growing, but the current pool of instructors are not able to keep up with the demand. It is surprising how many parents want to participate in the program. So to increase the number of instructors to meet the ever-growing demand, Healthy Hands Cooking is now offering a new reduced-price training course ($1,395 worth training priced down to only $199) to the first 500 in 2013 in order to recruit more certified instructors. Healthy Hands Cooking is not a franchise, so you can keep 100% of your tutoring fees (minus a small amount of processing fees).   

Profit and non-profit business module (seeking goverment grants and scholarships)

You can build your own proftable business through your cooking classes, as the fee is usually paid by the chidlren's parents. Also, the need for Healthy Hands Cooking instructors in after-school programs are also expected to rise in the near future. Currently, Healthy Hands Cooking is seeking government grants and scholarships for instructors and students, and, if these fundings are approved, you can get paid through the goverment grants to teach kids in after-school programs as well! 

Healthy Hands Cooking is recommened by the Global College of Natural Medicine and is also partnered with the Department of Agriculture's CMPP Nutrition Communication Network, Michelle Obama's Chefs Move to School Program, and Life Skills for Women, a 501 (c)(3) Not-for-profit organization in Georgia. 


Quick training/ high rewards/ no cooking skills & teaching experience needed

How long it will take for you to finish the entire training program is totally up to you. People have completed the course as quickly as two days while for others, it may take a few months, depending on how busy your schedule is. You can absolutely speed up or slow down your training course depending on your availability. 

Once you have become a certified instructor, you will be able to generate your own profits by teaching your cooking classes. For example, when you offer your 8 hour cooking course to just 10 students, that will create a profit of $750 to you! The different pricelines will be discussed further in your training course. So, you can increase your income significantly by as much as your schedule allows. 

For those of you who do not have any cooking skills or teaching experience, have no fear! The training course covers all aspects from how to cook to how to run the cooking class for kids, providing you with both instructor and students kits. Everyone who has passion to promote healthy eating and nutritional education for kids are welcomed.

Provide business and legal advice, free legal package and one-on-one consulting for your local community advertisement

If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you may be overwhelmed by the process of starting your own business from legal issues, insurance, bookkeeping, and advertising. The Healthy Hands Cooking training course offers you comprehensive and individual advice regarding all business-related issues. For example, if you have to hire your own lawyer to handle your legal issues, it may cost you hundreds, if not, thousand of dollars. However, Healthy Hands Cooking provides free legal advice for you. Also, you will have an opportunity to have one-on-one consult with a business advisor for your local needs.

30-day money back period

Even if you sign up for the Healthy Hands Cooking instructor training course today and change your mind later, don't worry! Healthy Hands Cooking offers you the opportunity to have your investment returned to you within 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied.

<What Healthy Hands Cooking Can Offer You>

  • Extra Income
  • Flexibility on your working schedule and place
  • Pride and rewards as an educator for kids on healthy eating 
  • Build the new friendship and connections with people of the same interest
  • Benefits on your kids' cooking skills and the development of healthy eating habit

Healthy Hands Cooking is a training course to help satisfy two goals in your life, having a career as an entreprenuer and serving your community in a very positive, healthy way. You can make extra money at home, spend quality time with your kids, and increase awareness of healthy eating. Your kids could be your assistant in the cooking classes and make friends with the other kids enrolled in the course. You will absolutely feel proud and rewarded by helping others as well as building your way to financial freedom! In your journey from the beginning to the end, the Healthy Hands Cooking family will be there to make you successful and fulfilled as an enterpreneuer. 


<How to Become Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor>

The entire process of becoming a Healthy Hands Cooking certified instructor is pretty simple. First, Click Here! to visit the Healthy Hands Cooking website to sign up for the certified instructor training.

You can start the online training course with the downloadable instructor menu. The course covers a wide range of information from business 101, building your cooking business, marketing plan, instructor & students kits to recipe & nutrition instructions. Certification costs only an extra $15. 

Once you have completed the entire course, you can start your own business as a certified Healthy Hands Cooking instructor. Healthy Hands Cooking will continue to support their instructors by providing one-on-one business consults, as well as forum and private facebook networking with instructors. Healthy Hands Cooking tries to offer life-long support and service for their instructors.

Visit Healthy Hands Cooking to check out this great opportunity to pursue your life-long career as an instructor as well as making great income anytime and anywhere. Don't miss out on their limited time offer to access their entire training course for only $199, a savings of $1,196!  

Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor Training Course

(Not $1,395) Now $199 only for a limited time



You can check out the Healthy Hands Cooking founder, Janice Penington's success story at December 2012 /January 2013 issue of Taste of Home.


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