Blade Edge

  When you take a closer look at the different chef knives, each knife blade has a different edge shape. Some are straight and flat, while others are serrated, dimpled or hollow-grounded. Each edge shape has its own features and uses. 


1. Straight 

A Straight edge is also called "flat ground". This flat ground edge is made by grinding both sides of the blade, which tapers down into an extremely sharp edge like a razor.  You can use this blade edge for cutting vegetables, raw meat and fruit easily without tearing their fibers. 


2. Serrated

A Serrated edge means a row of teeth along the blade edge. When you cut a product with a tough crust, such a loaf of bread, a serrated blade edge can be used to protect the soft inside from tearing.


3. Granton

A Granton edge is also called "scalloped" or "dimpled". It is also known as "Hollow-edged". This blade edge is hollowed out along both sides of the blade edge. The dimpled parts create airpockets between the blade and foods when cutting, helping in releasing food from the blade. It is useful in  cutting fruits and vegetables.


4. Hollow-ground

Some people confuse a Granton edge with Hollow-ground. They are different! A Hollow ground blade edge means grinding both sides of the blade edges into a concave shape, which makes the edges extremely sharp like a razor. Due to its razor-like sharpness, the Hollow ground edge can be used for skinning fish, cutting sushi, or peeling and slicing fruits. 



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