Blade Shape

  The different shapes of blades have their own unique features, which influences the way you cut various food items. When you purchase your chef knife, you should consider the blade shape as well as the blade material. However, the blade material has an impact on the quality of your chef knife, while the blade shape is more related to your preferences rather than the quality of the chef knife.   


1. Straight Blade

The straight blade shape is like the reverse of the curved up blade. The spine of the blade curves down to the point of the blade and the edge part of the blade runs straight to the handle. When you are chopping, the knife is lifted off the cutting board. It is ideal for cutting raw meat, which requires a more forceful, downward cutting motion.


2. Curved Up Blade

The blade from the middle part to the point curves up to the spine which runs straight to the handle. This shape makes chopping a rolling motion in which your knife does not need to leave the cutting board. It is very beneficial when you chop vegetables, especially in thin slices, because you can cut faster and easier with a rocking motion that creates less fatigue in your hand. 


3. Curved Down Blade

The curved down blade is that a spine that curves down and a blade edge that curves up to meet at the point of the blade. 


  The German-style chef knife blade traditionally has a deep and gradual curve along the edge, while the French-style chef knife blade is straighter than German style. The Japanese general purpose utility knife, or Santoku (Japanese style chef knife), has a sheep foot-shaped blade whose spine drops sharply to meet the blade edge. 

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