Global GF-33 8 1/4-Inch, 21-cm Heavyweight Chef’s Knife

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This heavy knife (Global actually refers to the heavier knives as "forged", probably because their lighter knives have ground hollow handles) can deftly mince shallots or rip apart a chicken in the same breath. The balance is so perfect that it really feels like nothing at all in your hand.


I bought this knife almost three months ago, and have been nothing but impressed. I am a professional chef and have used this blade almost non-stop since its arrival. Despite daily use and infrequent passes on a global ceramic steel, it still remains near razor sharp. The feel, the balance, the way the blade will hold an edge, everything about this knife is amazing.


Only complaint I have is because of its heavy weight, delicate cutting such as basil julienne (which I do frequently) are exceptionally difficult without bruising the herbs. Its possible to do the job with the knife, but not really what it was designed for either in my opinion. Every knife has its purpose, this is the best general purpose knife ive ever used.


 I had previously purchased the G-2 chef's knife and really loved it, but it just wasn't quite beefy enough to take down things like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or cleanly cut through a chicken spine. The extra blade thickness (and weight) at the hilt is a huge advantage for tasks like shredding cabbage for slaw or finely chopping herbs. That being said, the knife is balanced so well it feels like a part of your arm, and is sharper than some of the ceramics out there. the steel is harder than all but the most expensive german lines, but it flexes more than the folded japanese knives.


The one real caveat is that you really need a ceramic honer to keep the blade in top form. Standard chrome or diamond steels just don't hold up. I recommend the Wusthof Ceramic Honing Rod. 5 years in, and it hasn't lost a bit of its grit.


This is not a light-weight knife, it has heft and size; but it's so well balanced in my (largish) hands that it slices effortlessly through whatever meats or vegetables I throw its way. Chopping onions is almost a pleasure with it, and I used to hate prepping onions.


In the year I've owned it, I've used it probably several times most every day. At least once a day I run it over Global's ceramic sharpening rod and I've had it professionally sharpened once. It remains incredibly sharp and friction free when slicing. Read More Reviews from Amazon


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