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  Global Knives, launched by the Japanese Yoshida Metal Industry Co., Ltd. in 1983, has threatened other well-known cutlery brands by their rapid growth in the cutlery market. Global Knives have unique features distinguished from other traditional high-end brands. Their knives are made from high quality CROMOVA 18 stainless steel (molybdenum/vanadium) and their blade and handle are dimpled, which helps reducing dirt and food traps, and makes for a secure and well-balanced grip. They recommend using a ceramic or a diamond sharpener instead of a steel sharper.


Global G-2 – 8 inch Chef's Knife

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The most popular line of Global Knives, the Global G-2 Chef knife is made with high quality molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, which creates a razor-sharp blade that holds its edge longer.This line contains no bolster, creating a lightweight knife that will not fatigue the user's hand. This model puts sand into the handle to create greater balance when mauneuvering the knife.Their stainless steel handle is designed for a perfect fit in your hand and dimpled to prevent slipping. Read Reviews


Global GF-33 – 8 1/4 inch Heavyweight Chef's Knife

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This line is designed for cooks who prefer hefty knives. Most features of this knife are similar to the Global G-2 Chef knife, but in order to increase the weight of the knife to resemble a more traditional European knife, the blade is broader than other lines and the handle is solid, not hollow like other lines of handles. Read Reviews

Global G-48 – 7 inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

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This Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is a lightweight, Japanese-style knife with a sharp, thin blade that retains its edge for longer periods of time. The blade is as sharp as a razor and has a straight edge sharpened by hand to the 15 degree angle. The handle is hollow and dimpled, making a comfortable and secure grip in hand. Read Reviews


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