Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Thanksgiving is coming next week, and Christmas carols are playing on the radio stations. People start to feel excited and warm for the thoughts of the holidays. However, these joyful thoughts soon turn to anxiety and panic when those thoughts turn to purchasing Christmas gifts. What should I buy for people this year, especially, when I see the old Christmas gifts I never even touched, deep buried in my closet?!?! The search for the perfect Christmas gifts overwhelms the majority of us, especially in our quest to find something useful, practical, and meaningful.

Here is a great idea for those of you looking for such a gift. A chef knife! It is  a great gift for your Mom or Dad, your sister or brother, or your husband or wife.

As more and more people are getting interested in cooking at home for a healthy eating, the big trend is to possess a good-quality chef knife as the centerpiece in a kitchen. For those who cook regularly at home, it is important to have more than one chef knife for more efficient and hygienic cooking. While most of people already have some sort of chef knife in their kitchen, it is always nice to have extra chef knives. Also, once people have a quality kitchen knife, they can use it for more than 10 years with proper care. That is a gift that keeps on giving.

Last year, I bought a nice chef knife for my mother-in-law as a Christmas gift. Even though she loves cooking, she is one of the most frugal people I have ever met and simply refused to buy an expensive chef knife for herself. She always complained about her dull chef knife. So I bought her a Shun Premier Chef’s Knife for Christmas. Now, she loves her new Shun chef knife. It was not only a great gift, it was an affordable one as well. Every time, I see her using her new chef knife, I can’t help but smile.

If you need some guidance choosing a chef knife, here are some recommendations for you. (The choice for chef knives can vary depending on personal preferences, but usually, men tend to prefer heavy-weight knives while women prefer a more light-weight one.)

Chef Knives for Men

Wusthof and Henkel chef knives (slightly heavy-weighted European style)

Chef Knives for Women

Global and Shun chef knives(light-weighted and sharp Japanese style)

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