Henckels Professional S vs. Global chef knife


henckels pro s vs. global chef knifeThe first step when shopping for a chef knife is to  understand how a German chef knife is different from a Japanese chef knife. German and Japanese chef knives are currently the most popular and most dominate knives in the cultery industry. 

Once you understand the differences between the knives, you can more easily narrow down your choices to the one that works best for you. 

Today, I will compare a popular German chef knife with a popular Japanese chef knife in terms of four categories, Weight, Sharpness, Blade Shape, and Handle, by using two my favorite chef knives, Zwilling, J.A. Henckels Professional S, which represents high end German chef knives, and Global Knife, which is one of the best selling Japanese brands. 



Usually, high end German chef knives are known for their heftiness due to the forging process that creates a big and thick blade, bolster and full-tang. On the other hand, Japanese chef knives surprise many customers with their light-weight design. If you have the chance of holding these two types of chef knives, you would definitely feel the differences of the two.

According to the Henckels Professional S description, the knife weighs 9.8 oz, while the Global knife is reported to be 7.8 oz. As you can see, there is a substantial 2 oz difference in weight, approximately equivalent to the weight of an egg. That is a 20.4% difference in weight!

When I hold these two chef knives, I can definitely feel the more than 2 oz weight difference between the two. At first, when I was only using a Henckels chef knife only, I did not realize how hefty the knife was, but after buying the Global knife and trully comparing these two types of knives, I can say Heckels are much heftier than the Global chef knife. When I use the Henckels Pro S for long periods of time, I can feel the fatigue in my wrist. 

However, that does not mean the Global knife is better than Henckels Pro S. It just means there is a substantial difference in weight between the two knives. You should definitely compare the two to make a decision regarding your preferences. People like different things. My husband likes to use the Henckels more than the Global because of the added weight of the Henckels. I personally enjoy using the Global knife much more than the Henckels due to its light weight. 



Having a sharp knife is so important. Some people think that a sharp knife is more dangerous than a dull knife. This is so not true. If your knife is dull, you will need to put extra pressure on the blade and sometimes, it makes the blade slip off the surface of the fruits or veggies, which could lead to some very bad cuts. Therefore, you need to find a nice sharp chef knife for a safe and convenient cooking. 

German chef knives, on average, grind their blades at the angle between 20-22 degrees per side, while Japanese chef knives typically are angled at 15-18 degrees. So, which knife cuts better? I did some quick chopping experiments with the two knives using two different ingredients: carrots and cabbage. When I cut the carrots with the knives, I barely feel the difference between the Henckels Pro S and Global chef knife. Both knives cut carrots extremely well making it tough to say which one is better. 

However, when I cut the cabbage, I could definitely tell that the Global knife was smoother and required less effort. When I used the Henckels Pro S to cut through the middle of cabbage, I needed to put extra pressure on the blade to finish up the cutting.

You can check out the video that shows you how effortless cutting is with the Henckels Pro S and Global chef knives. Both of them cut carrots and cabbage very well, but you can see that the Global knife requires slightly less effort than the Henckels when chopping cabbage. 

YouTube Preview Image


Blade Shape

henckels pro s vs. Global chef knife

As you can see in the pictures, the blade of Henckels Pro S chef knife curves up from the bottom towards the tip of the blade, which represents a very traditional German chef knife design. This design creates a rocking motion when chopping,  keeping the tip of the blade on the board and lifting the bottom of the blade up and down for cutting. This cutting motion is beneficial when cutting small items. 

On the other hand, the Global chef knife has a more straight bottom blade. You should lift the entire knife up and down to chop things, leaving the board completely. This motion can be of good use when you are cutting something big and hard. 



Henckels Pro S handle Global chef knife

The handle of your chef knife is so important when it comes to choosing the right chef knife for you. It determines how comfortable the knife will feel in your hand, giving you blade control and less fatigue when cutting large amounts of food. 

Henckels Pro S follows the profile of a traditional German chef knife, which tends to be more suitable for European hands. On the other hand, the Global knife handle is relatively smaller than Henckels Pro S, which fits better in Asian hands. As an Asian female myself, I definitely prefer the Global knife handle. When I grab the handle of the Henckels Pro S, I just don't feel as comfortable as I do with the Global knife.  

So far, you've learned how different Henckels Pro S and Global chef knives are in terms of the four categories mentioned earlier: weight, sharpness, blade shape, and handle. There is no one perfect chef knife for everyone. That being said, with a littel research, you should be able to find the best chef knife for you and your cooking needs

I hope that you can get to know your preferences more clearly from reading this post. 

If you understand the differences between German and Japanese chef knives before trying them out at your local department store, it will make your knife search much more efficient and less time-consuming. 

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