How to Make Extra Money in Your Kitchen

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Have you ever asked ourself "How can I make extra money, esepcially in this current tough economy?" Massive lay-offs, increasing credit card debts, high payroll tax rates, and so on and so on. It seems as though we are all overwhelmed by our financial burdens and we wonder how we can survive on a limited income or how we can get ready for retirement.  Some experts advise that you should save up to 8 times your annual income when you retire. Do you think you will be financially ready at the time of your retirement?

Now, imagine the strain and worry for those adults and parents who do not currently work like stay-at-home moms and people suffering from permanent disabilities. I also found myself in that exact situation and suffered from the same concerns.

Right after getting married to my husband, I had to quit my job and followed him to a new, unfamilar city. In the beginning, I secretly enjoyed my life of staying at home, even though I kept telling my husband that I wish I could go out and work. My life was finally free from the endless stress of work where I had to be early in the morning to frequently late at night.

However, the joy and freedom I experienced did not last long, as my free time gave me more time to worry about our present financial obligations and future financial needs. I became exhausted thinking and worrying about how we would ever establish our financial independence just on my husband's income. Our financial expenses after we married almost doubled, while relying on only one person's paycheck. I wished I could have an the option to go back to my previous job, but there were not that many job openings wating for me in the new city. 

Out of deperation to make extra money from home, I tried all kinds of jobs, but nothing that would lead to a career. I tried all the different jobs out there like doing surveys at home and working as a  customer service representative. Unfortunely, all these jobs did was make me feel worse than I did before. When I tried making money doing online surveys, I had to fill out long survey forms online which turned out to be very time-consuming and made very little money. In fact, the return was so bad that I was actually making less than minimum wage! My other option was to work as a customer service representative. That job was not much better as it totally stressed me out because all the angry customers that called me complaining about the products or services even though I did not do anything wrong. While these types of jobs did generate income, in all honesty, they were not worth my time and energy because I did not feel rewarded by what I was doing and just felt overwhelmed.

One day, as usual, when I was browsing for different ways I could make money at home, I stumbled upon one interesting program, "Be a Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor." It turned out to be a training program for those who want to teach healthy cooking to kids.

Basically, the program is a private cooking class, except that you will teach kids instead of adults. The program was inviting since you did not need to be a professionally-trained chef who graduated  culinary school to become a certified instructor. Anyone who loves to work with kids and has a passion for educating them on healthy cooking skills can participate in this program.

The greatest thing about this program is that you just might find your passion or calling in life as a cooking instructor for kids as well as increasing your income! If you love to work with kids and their parents, check out the program right here today!


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