How to sharpen a chef knife at home

  Having a sharp knife is a lot safer than a dull knife in the kitchen. A sharp knife never slips off the surface of vegetable or anything you are cutting, which can save you from any potential cuts.

  How can we sharpen our chef knife?

  The easiest way is to take your chef knife to a professional knife sharpener.

  However, if you want to sharpen your chef knife at home, you can still do it by using a whetstone. Just remember that you should understand some rules regarding sharpening a chef knife before grinding your knife on a whetstone.

  First, you should understand the term “grit.” When you are looking for a whetstone, you will come across terms like "300 grit" or "1000 grit". What is grit? It means the size of the individual particles of abrasive in the sharpening stone. For example, a stone with a finer grit having small particles is used for polishing the edge.

  Next, once you understand "grit", sharpen your chef knife by starting with rough sharpening and ending with fine sharpening.

  Start with rough sharpening. Rough sharpening means grinding a blade with coarse grit. (Western whetstone; 300 or below coarse grit/  Japanese whetstone; 800 or below coarse grit) It abrades metal away quickly, producing an edge with more prominent micro-serration. After your blade is roughly sharpened, the fine level of sharpening is followed with a fine grit (Western whetstone: 600 or above grit, Japanese whetstone: 1000 or above).

  You should check the instructions of your whetstone at home on how to use it. Each whetstone might have different directions. Usually, you can slide each side of your blade about 10 times on the coarse side first, and then slide each side of your blade on the fine side about 10 times. Most  whetstones have dual sidea, one side being coarse, the other fine. So, you do not need to buy two whetstones for sharpening a chef knife. Shun 300/1000 Combination Whetstone

  However, if you want to completely avoid the complicated process of sharpening your knife, you can just buy an electric knife sharpener. Some sharpeners include sharpening, honing, and polishing stages, which helps sharpen and maintain your chef knife more easily. Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, White

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