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 kitchen knife bar Knife storage comes in various designs such as traditional wooden knife blocks, magnet knife strips, in-drawer and under-the-cabinet. Each design has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  For example, knife blocks take up counter space, but will cover the knife blades competely. On the other hand, magnet knife strips do not need counter space, but the blades are exposed to dust and other elements while hanging outside. Also, there are some child-proof knife storage locks available for those chefs concerned with kitchen safety.

  So, the best way to choose a knife storage unit is to determine your own preferences and needs! 

1. Knife Block  

  Traditionally, wooden knife storage blocks have been the most popular and common in the kitchen. Even though they take up space on a counter, which can be a big problem in a small kitchen, they have some benefits. First, you can cover the blades of your knives completely, preventing them from moisture and dirt. In terms of the wooden storage unit, wood tends to absorb moisture. So, you can keep your knives relatively dry. Also, good wooden storage blocks, especially made out of bamboo, rock maple, teak, and beech look charming, nice and secure. But if a wooden storage block is exposed to water (a problem in smaller kitchens with limited counter space), it might damage the block. In order to prevent this, you can use good stainless steel knife storage blocks as well. 

Henckels 20-Slot Super Knife Storage Block

  This block is ideal for all sizes of cutlery and has 20 slots with 8 steak knives slots at the bottom. It is made of hard wood and can easily store your knives, leaving them in comfortable reach for all of your cooking. 

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2. In-drawer

  In-drawer knife storage can be very useful in a kitchen. Your knives are easily accessible, while still being neatly organized. Also, they are protected from outside dirt and moisture. The dullness of your knife blade can be prevented since you do not need to insert your knife into a small slot. Knife storage trays vary in size. Some are expandable and can easily fit into any number of drawers. However, you should be willing to empty your first top drawer for knife storage. 

Totally Bamboo 20-2091 In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

  You can store up to 15 knives, including chef knives, santoku, serrated, paring, and carving knives. It is made of high-quality Moso bamboo, which is 16% harder and more durable than maple. The edges are smoothly sanded for safety. The size is 17 by 5-2/7 by 12 inches, which can fit into most standard kitchen drawers.

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3. Magnet Knife Strip

  There are pros and cons in using the magnet knife strip. The strip can save lots of spaces on your counter. You know that while you are cooking, especially a big dinner, the precious counter space is very important. Also, a large and empty counter looks nicer and cleaner than a cluttered counter top. Another pro is that you can easily grab your knife from a magnet strip hanging on the wall. However, a magnet knife strip makes knives exposed to dirt because they stay outside exposed without any cover. Some magnet knife strips are also not securely attached to the wall. 

MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder, 20-Inches

  This wall-mounted magnetic knife holder is made out of durable 18/10 stainless steel, which looks very modern and attractive. The size is 20 inch long and 3/4 inch wide and 2 inch thick. The bar is long enough to store many knives and is thick enough to support wider blades. This item includes screws for wall mounting. 

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  Under-the-cabinet knife storage can make up for drawbacks of other knife storages. First, you can easily access your knives while you are cooking. Even though the knives are hanging outside, the blades of knives can be protected from outside dirt and moisture. You can also keep your blades horizontally, making it less likely to dull your blades compared to having them stored in a vertical position. However, you should double-check if your storage is installed securely. Otherwise, it will cause a big safety problem in your kitchen. 

Wusthof 8001 Under-Cabinet-Swinger Knife Storage Block

  This under-the-cabinet-swinger can swing in and out from under the cabinet, which makes reaching your knives simple and easy. It can rotate 360 degrees, and you can swivel the block in any direction. It can store 8 knives and a honing steel, while the magnetic strips hold the knives securely in their slots. The size is 10-1/4 inches long, 7-1/4 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches high. 

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5. Childproof Knife Storage Lock

  If you are parents of little kids, you must be worried about knife safety in your kitchen. Little kids can run around in a kitchen, accidentally pushing something or can try to reach kitchen knives out of curiosity. The image of the whole knife storage block being dropped on to the floor is just a nightmare. For those who have these concerns, childproof storage locks can be a solution. The storage lock is getting more and more attention from parents with little kids. The storage lock can be unlocked with buttons on the sides. You can keep your knife block safe and locked all the time. However, when you are cooking, you can keep the block unlocked, and the small light on the lock will tell you if the block is locked or unlocked. 

Starfrit Gourmet Lock Block Kitchen Knife Block

  This model is designed for safety in your kitchen. Jsut simply press the buttons on the sides of the knife block when taking your knives out. When you are cooking, you can unlock the entire block. This knife block is made of stainless steel and wood, and fits five standard knives including your chef knife, slicer, parer, bread and utility knife.


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