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America's Test Kitchen rated this #1. I bought it even though I have the Shun knife which cost more than double what this knife does. Well, the Mac knife is amazing–it is hands down my favorite knife and I have many. Buy the Mac ceramic sharpening steel as well. This knife should not be sharpened with an electric knife sharpener.


The MAC Santoku has an incredibly sharp and narrow blade. It requires so much less effort to cut up vegetables than a chef's knife. It also makes it much easier to hold an onion together while chopping, as you don't have a thick blade pushing the pieces apart. The MAC also holds its edge very well, and only requires occasional sharpening.


This isn't appropriate as an only knife. The thin blade means that it's really not useful for anything where the blade might get bent or hit something hard. It's not for jointing or boning poultry, cutting super-hard cheeses, getting chunks off of thick blocks of chocolate, etc. However, for chopping and slicing vegetables, this works so much better than a chef's knife to be well worth the money.


This knife is fabulous. It cuts well without needing any of my strenth to force it to do so, which I believe to be the true test of a good knife. You shouldn't have to force it to cut. It works well on everything! I can't imagine owning anything else.


About 45 years ago, I purchased this knife in a neighborhood cooking shop. I asked the salesman about sharpening and he showed me that I could pass its blade gently on the rough ceramic base of a coffee mug. I have used and abused this knife for years and it has never failed. A few weeks ago, it was misplaced by houseguests who were cooking in my kitchen. After frantic searches, I ordered another Mac knife, the mac MTH 80 8" version. By the time it arrived, I had found the smaller one. Now I have two great knives that will certainly outlast me. I think I'll put them in my will for future generations.


I got this knife for christmas a couple years ago and use it constantly… The blade stays so sharp…it cuts an onion before I cry.…so I liked it so much I got one for my sister-in-law for christmas this year…she loves it too!


This is the best knife I have ever used! Super sharp! Light and agile. Has a good curve so that you can still rock the knife. Blade is very thin and you can slice vegetables paper thin! Be very careful, because this knife is SHARP!


Terriffic knife!I have the the whole set. I bought this one for my mother,and she loved this knife as well. I've had my set for around 3 years.I've never had to sharpen them yet,not even a touch-up and there still like a razor. Of course I hand wash them ,use the bamboo or poly cutting boards,and use them every day.


This knife is light and sharp. It is almost my favorite knife. The only problem I have with it is the texture right above the blade. It grabs hold of the food, making chopping tricky. My food keeps sticking to the blade and then the food on the blade gets pushed up by the next layer chopped, causing it to topple all over the cutting board and counter. Trying to slide the food off the blade takes some pressure, as well. I'm assuming the textured layer was there to make things easier, but as my veggies scatter 'round the counter, I am left wondering "Why?" I am an experienced cook, but am I missing something about this feature? Any suggestions on how to fix my current problem and this knife will go from almost perfect to perfect.

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