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If you are looking for one of the most popular and recommended santoku knives, the Mac Santoku Knife with Bolster (MSK65) is the answer you are looking for.

The Mac Santoku Knife was selected by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine as the sharpest and best-balanced knife. In addition, the Mac Santoku Knife (MSK 65) has many more fans among professional chefs than among home cooks. For example, award-winning chef Charlie Trotter publicly endorses Mac kitchen knives. 

Like other Santoku Knives, the Mac Santoku Knife also has the common features of a santoku knife. Usually, a santoku knife is known for the look of a sheep’s foot. The spine of the blade from the handle to the tip run down to the edge and the edge part is straight, making for the look of a sheep’s foot, which is a great design for chopping, slicing, and dicing fruits and vegetables.  

Also, the big blade of a santoku knife is designed for easily transferring the chopped vegetables and fruits from the cutting board to a pot or a bowl by scooping them on the blade. The dimples along the blade help the chopped food release from the blade, and not stick to it.

Other striking features of the Mac Santoku Knife (MSK 65) are its extremely sharp edge and its perfect balance in chopping tasks. Usually, European kitchen knives are ground at an angle of 20-22 degrees, while the angles of Japanese kitchen knives are less than 20 degrees. For example, Shun knives are angled at 16 degrees, which attract a lot of loyal Japanese cutlery fans, but at the same time, scare away some beginner cooks as well, due to its incredible blade sharpness.

The Mac Knife is ground at the angle of 15 degree, which is the sharpest among the kitchen knives in the market. A lot of experienced chefs love this sharpness because the Mac Knife easily cuts through hard and dense items, reducing a lot of wrist fatigue associated with long hours working in a kitchen. Also, the bolster of the Mac knife creates the perfect balance in its cutting motion, which allows for better control of the blade.

It holds true that the design of the Mac knife might not be that attractive to the common consumer, but I can say that the Mac knife is one of the most functional kitchen knives in the market with its great balance and extremely sharp edge. 

If you need to handle a large amount of vegetables or fruits in your cooking prep, the Mac Santoku Knife is one of the best options possible. 


Reviews from MAC brand Santoku Knife w/Bolster (#MSK65) Users




I am a professional cook and I LOVE this knife- but also, I can see why this knife might give some people problems. I love its extreme agility- it has a wonderful, lively action which is highly suited to very fast yet precise cutting. It is incredibly sharp, and the granton edge performs well. It is everything a santoku should be. I used a Shun for a long time until I realised that it was just too thick to produce the kind of precision cuts I needed to make.


And this is where the problem lies- its blade is VERY thin, and it needs to be handled with care. I baby mine- I am ultra-careful about what I use it on, and when it's not in use it stays in a KnifeSafe blade cover. I have two ceramic rods and four different Japanese waterstones I use to keep it sharp. It's not an "all purpose" knife in any way, and I would not recommend it to anyone who is needing such a knife. And this includes professionals and home cooks alike…..anyone who is unable or unwilling to handle it with care. For more general use, I would recommend the Shun santoku with the granton edge- it is a thick, beefy knife that works well for most things.


My wife wanted a Santoku knife and after some research, decided on the MAC Santoku knife. Well balanced, light weight (compared to our Henckels series set), and so VERY sharp. It feels like I am using a razor. Slicing through tomatos, chicken, fruits, and the like are EFFORTLESS.


I got my first MAC knives back in the 70s, thin metal blades with a hole in the tip so they could be hung up on a peg. Those knives kept their razor edge with only an occasional drag along some unglazed pottery for about 10 years, and I'm talking about 10 years of hard use in a vegetarian kitchen.


MSK-65 is very sharp, superbly balanced. And feels great. It cuts and slices where other knives pull and wedge. The hollow spots release food, even the super thin sliced stuff.

Great comfort. I am big man with large hands and do NOT like the knive handles with "ends." I find it compromises my grip. I don't want a knife maker to tell me where my fingers go. This knife is good with my hands.


Very strong. but thinner and lighter than many of its competitors. I trust this knife to last a very very long time. And it has the japanese edge, which is sharpened at a more acute angle than the standard German/American knife. This is similar to the Shun knives– very hard steel, very thin sharp edge. But it is not damascus, so it's significantly cheaper.


I recommend this knife to everyone I know — it's worth every penny I paid for it. Btw, the owner of MAC knives recommends using the Rollsharp to sharpen it. I've had the knife for about 18 months and consider it among my top 3 favorite implements for the kitchen.


Like all my knives, my Wusthof Santokus are kept very sharp. They slide through paper like razors. However, like all of my previous comparisons with the new Japanese designs I've been replacing my European knives with, at the cutting board the similarities stop. This Mac and my new Shuns significantly outperform my equivalent Wusthofs and Henckels without exception. The Japanese are winning me over.


Two years hence and its still going strong – good balance, light and excellent for slicing. I had to sharpen it twice with a stone but otherwise the occassional sharpening with a Wusthof manual insert and drag sharpener kept it in good shape. Very happy and dont miss my Sabatier (left with a friend) dont use my Henkels chef knife (which came in a set) much and also stopped pining after more expensive knives (hattori etc.).


The knife is razor sharp and a delight to use for vegetables. the fittings for the handle are bit sloppy but not a critical problem. Al in all a nice peice of equipment for the price.


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