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The Mac Knife is a “best of both worlds” knife with a combination of Western Knife design and a traditional Japanese Knife manufacturing process. All of the Mac Knives are manufactured in Seki, Japan, traditionally known as the birthplace of the Japanese Samurai Sword. 


MAC MTH-80 8" Chef's Knife w/ Dimples

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The Mac MTH-80 is one of the most popular lines among the different lines of Mac Knives. The Mac Knife is manufactured in Seki, Japan, famously known as the home of Samurai Sword Making. The Mac MTH-80 is known for having the world’s sharpest edge (15-degree angle). The blade is made of Mac’s superior steel, high-carbon Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium alloy, with Tungsten, making the knife tough, razor-sharp, and easily maintained. The Mac MTH-80 is becoming more and more popular among cooking lovers, especially professional chefs. Charlie Trotter, a White House Award Winning chef, has publicly endorsed Mac Knives. Read Reviews



MAC brand Santoku Knife w/Bolster (#MSK65)

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The MSK-65 Professional Series Santoku knife is one of the most popular lines following the Mac MTH-80 chef knife. The blade is exceptionally thin and light with a razor-sharp edge. The dimpled blade also helps in reducing food from sticking to the blade. This santoku knife has been used by many home cooks as well as professional chefs and recommended by Cook's Illustrated Magazine. Like the Mac MTH-80 Chef knife, the MSK-65 Professional Santoku knife is made of Mac’s Superior steel, making for a super-strong, long-lasting, and corrosion-resisting blade. Their Pakkawood handle makes for a comfortable and secure grip, while their western-style bolster creates the perfect balance in the user’s hand. Read Reviews



MAC brand Santoku knife #SK65

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Along with the Mac MSK 65, the Mac SK-65 Santoku knife was recommended by Cook's Illustrated Magazine, enjoying the increase in popularity with home cooks as well as professional chefs. The Mac SK-65 Santoku knife, unlike the Mac MSK 65 Santoku knife, lacks a bolster, thereby creating a more light-weight blade. The sand-blasting strip along the edge produces small pockets of air between the knife and food, reducing the vacuum-effect. The vacuum effect is caused when food grabs the side of the blade, preventing easy cutting. The Mac SK-65 Santoku knife is famous for its comfortable balance and grip and its light-weight, sharp-edged, thin blade. Read Reviews


MAC brand 10 1/2 inch Ceramic Black Honing Rod

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