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The Mac Knife is a “best of both worlds” knife with a combination of Western Knife design and a traditional Japanese Knife manufacturing process. All of the Mac Knives are manufactured in Seki, Japan, traditionally known as the birthplace of the Japanese Samurai Sword.

The Mac Knife is produced in a variety of lines. Among the numerous lines, the Mac MTH-80 is one of their best sellers and one of the most popular brands around the world, especially with professional chefs. Charlie Trotter, one of the most famous and innovative chefs in America who has been awarded with multiple honors, has publicly endorsed the Mac Knife.

The Mac MTH-80 claims to have the world’s sharpest and thinnest blade. Other features of the Mac Knife that makes it so popular among chefs are its exceptional hardness of its blade and easy upkeep, making it possible for the knife to survive in harsh professional kitchen environments with relatively easy maintenance.

The Mac MTH-80 blade is made of rust resistant high-carbon Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium alloy, with Tungsten added to increase its hardness even further.

There are several important characteristics related to each particular type of steel. First, high-carbon steel makes the blade very tough. The more carbon the blade has, the harder it gets. Chrome Molybdenum blades are known for their ease in resharpening and can be easily resharpened in little time, especially in a busy and harsh professional kitchen. Vanadium has wear resistance and hardenability, making the blade tough. Also, it refines the grains of the steel, helping the blade take a very sharp edge. Lastly, tungsten increases heat, wear, and shock resistance. The combination of all these steels makes for a strong, long-lasting, easily-sharpened, and very sharp-edged Mac MTH-80 blade.

Another striking feature of the Mac MTH-80 knife is its extremely keen edge. Most German knives have edges with 20-22 degreed angles, while the Mac MTH-80 angle is set at 15 degrees. A number of Mac MTH-80 Knife users adore this razor-sharp edge, making cutting much easier.

Some Mac Knife users claim that Mac MTH-80 is much thinner and lighter than a Shun knife, and still heavier than a Global knife. For someone who thinks that the Shun knife is too heavy and Global knives are too light, Mac MTH-80 may be their best option.  


Reviews from MAC MTH-80 8" Chef's Knife w/ Dimples Users





The edge on the MAC is so acute and fine that I didn't want to take a change and loose anything with a steel (which is not recommended) or even a 1200 grit ceramic steel (which is recommended) so I went with the borosilicate glass rod which is finer. It still cut fine and I didn't notice a difference but I could feel a slight change in the razor edge. The rod brought the edge back to new or better every time. This thing is tougher and holds an edge better then good non-stainless carbon steel knives I have used.


This knife is thinner, lighter, the steel is harder, it holds a edge better, and is more nimble then a comparable Western knife like a Wusthof or Henckel.


The MAC's are not real fancy with silver inlays or high polish or anything but it cuts like a razor and stays that way better then any of my other knives. The fit and finish is good too.


This is apparently in Japanese tradition even though these are Japanese made western style knives. What you get with most Japanese western knives is Japanese steel and Japanese style sharpening and profile. To make a knife this thin work with such a fine edge you have to have harder steel then western manufactures generally use or the blade would quickly dull from use.


The several Shun knives we tried were just too heavy and large-handled for me and particularly my wife's hands. We took a look at Global and liked the sharpness, but they seemed a bit too light for our tastes, as well as seeming like they might get slippery when wet with the metal handle. I'd read good things about MAC, but didn't have a local dealer. On a trip to Chicago, we finally got a chance to handle these and found the weight and balance to be perfect for our hands. We bought a few and have been overwhelmingly happy with them.


The edge is ground at a more acute angle than German or American knives, and you can definitely tell the difference. The only knife that comes close is the Kershaw Shun 8" Chef's knife. But unless you just like the look of the Shun series (and let's face it, they're beautiful), save yourself $50 and get this Mac knife.


It slices so cleanly and with no effort that I am having to re-learn how to chop and slice. The weight seems to be about half on the Henkel which I did not like at first. Now that I have used it more, I really enjoy the delicate feeling and superior results. Highly recommended

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