Mantra: The Rules of Indulgence (By Jehangir Mehta)


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Renowned chef Jehangir Mehta has relentlessly immersed himself in creating inventive desserts and other dishes at his new Manhattan food and wine bar, Graffiti, and as the creator of the sumptuous confections for his online store and event-management company, Partistry. He draws endless inspiration from his Indian heritage and from ayurveda, the ancient science of health and medicine. Now, in this gorgeous book?, Mehta shares his holistic approach to refreshing the body, mind, and spirit through delicious recipes using only the purest and most beneficial ingredients.


Reviews from the Book Readers

this book takes an unusually ingredient-centric approach to cooking: each recipe is focused on a single ingredient, and the book itself is broken down into sections like "herbs," "flowers," and so on. i actually like this, because it helps you focus on the flavors and range of that ingredient. each recipe also features a short paragraph about the cultural history of the showcased ingredient; these make for good reading while waiting for the pot to boil. in all, the book is quite easy to read, and the few recipes i've tried were not that difficult to pull off. there's also a ton of really nice pictures, which is always a plus and takes the guesswork out of plating.


Chef and author Jehangir Mehta has created memorable desserts and dishes at his new Manhattan food and wine bar Graffiti, and here offers some of his original flavor fusions for readers interested in different variations on themes. From Turmeric Yorkshire Pudding to a Basil Cocktail and Fragrant Fennel Brittle, East meets West in a truly original pairing of tradition and modernity: perfect for collections specializing in international fusion cookbooks.


This book provided me with the info that I was looking for although I wish the chef would have included foods on the savory side along with the sweet.I hope to work with him one day soon to see how he uses Ayurveda at his restaurants.


the Mantra cookbook is innovative and creative in their use of ingrediants and preparation. Delightfully inspiring!



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