Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife Reviews

Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife


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Zwilling. J.A. Henckels, well known for producing traditional German Knives, introduced a new line of knives, embracing the best of both German and Japanese cultery technology. 

With the cooporation the Miyabi company, a traditional Japanese cultery brand, Zwilling. J.A. Henckels worked together with Iron Chef Morimoto in order to design the Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife, the perfect balance between the strong durability of German cutlery and the delicacy and sharpness of Japanese cutlery. 

The special features of  Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife include Zwilling's special formula steel and FRIODUR Ice-hardened blade with the finish of the Honbazuke sharpening process. 

Zwilling's special formula steel is a high carbon and chromium blend that brings out the strengths of each steel. High carbon makes the knife stronger. The more carbon the blade has, the better the knife can perform. The drawback of high carbon is its inherent weakness to moisture, causing rust on the blade. To compensate for this weakness of a high carbon blade, Zwilling blends the blade using Chromium, which helps make the blade more resistant to corrosion. 

The blade, manufactured with Henckels' own unique process, was finished with the traditional Japanese Honazuke sharpening process. The Honazuke method is sharpens the edge of the blade to an angle per side that is below a 15 degreed angle, making the edge extremely sharp, especially compared with a typical German blade that is sharpened to a 20-22 degree angle. By using the Honazuke method and advice from Iron Chef Morimoto, the design of the Miyabi Morimoto edition makes for a more outstanding knife with the traditional Japanese profile and high tenchology of German knife making. 


Reviews from Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-inch Chef Knife Users





This knife is fantastic because it brings the best of both worlds. As mentioned in the very thorough review by the engineer, this knife comes from the factory very very sharp, unlike many other knives, which apparently aren't maximally sharp when they're actually made. Usually, this level of sharpness would mean that the knife would get dull very quickly, but this knife is actually quite resilient, and it is relatively easy to sharpen.


I have had every knife available, by far this is the best! Cuts like everything is butter. Morimoto got this right for us cooks that aren't professionals, but love to cook. Want more. Not many things impress me, but this does!


Bought this as a present for a friend, who loves to cook! It cuts so smoothly and it is very very sharp! Highly recommended for any chef or anyone who loves to cook in style!


This knife is great, came razor sharp out the box, this is my second knife i bought off amazon and I'd say its better then my Calphalon, I like the shine on the blade and it cuts thru rolls easily. I had order it on wed they shipped it thursday and it came friday just in time for me to try it out at work. its a great knife.


This is the most expensive knife i've ever had. This is absolutely the sharpest thing in our kitchen. It looks badass too. Solid build, although some might find this pretty big. I think a 7 inch or a 6 inch might better for daily use. I cut stale bread, and it sliced them like butter.


Got this as a gift for my girlfriend but I find myself using it more than my Shun knife. The handle feels good like a German knife but the blade is similar to a Japanese knife. I use this more often cause I think it feels better to hold than the Shun, and the blade isn't as delicate (the Shun has chips in the blade). Definitely not as sharp, but you get what you pay for.


Quite sharp and holds the edge really well. The only complaint I have is that the knife is quite light and doesn't feel as substantial in your hand nor is it appropriate for cutting things that require lots of pressure.


Click Here to Buy  Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife from Amazon


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