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When I watched Iron Chef America for the first time, I was wondering who was this big, pony-tailed, Japanese guy, making crazy, but beautiful, dishes that looked more like art rather than food. It turned out his name was Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Morimoto has re-defined what cooking is all about. He has elevated it to a new art form. I have seen Morimoto work with some of the most facinating ingredients and used mind-boggling techniques to create some of the most unique dishes in the world. I just fell in love with his ingenious creativity and interpretations of what some would consider boring ingredients, such as Engg Nog, and turn it into something very modern and sexy. 

His enormous sucess in America and around the world relies on his delicate and flawess techniques coming from his training in traditional Japanese cuisine and his endless quest for something different and unique. This drive enables Moritmoto to create dishes beyond other chefs' imagination and creativity. 

Morimoto's journey to becoming a top chef in America started in Hiroshima, Japan, where he was taught the art of proper sushi-making . After completing his training, he developed his techniques through his experiences working in a multitude of different restaurants. He did not restrict himself just to Japan, as he also worked in high-end restaurants in NYC, such as Sony Club and Nobu. While working at the famed Nobu restaurant, Morimoto was asked to appear on the show, "Iron Chef," a Japanese cooking competition show where challengers take on one of the illustrious Iron Chefs. Morimoto had the distinction of being known as "Iron Chef Japanese" and thrived as on of the most successful Iron Chefs in the show's history.

Morimoto launched his own restaurant, Morimoto, in Philadelipia for the first time in America, opening to rave reviews, He went on to open more Morimoto restaurants across the nation, including NYC, Napa Valley, and Waikiki.

A couple of years ago, on my trip to Hawaii, I was invited by one of my good friends to dine at Morimoto's restaurant, Morimoto Waikiki. The general atmosphere was very chic, modern, and sexy, which well represented his dishes. We ordered Sashimi, which made me saying, "Are you freaking kidding me?"


The average Sashimi is usually bland and a little bit mushy. People with highly developed palates might enjoy the very subtle flavor of fish. To me, however, sashimi was just something novel that you would order in a fancy Japanese restaurant. 

With my negative attitude in tow, I experienced my first bite of Morimoto's sashimi. Let me say that one bite changed my perception of sashimi. First of all, it just looked like very freshly made cheese cakes cut in small square pieces and served with little tubes of different flavored sauces. When I had my first bite of sashimi, I could not believe it was sashimi. The texture was so delightfully chewy, and the flavor was just perfect, combining fresh fish and sweet and acidic sauces. 

Whenever I watched Morimoto cook, I was curious as to whether his dishes were really good or were the judges being complimentary of his dishes simply due to his fame and reputation. But, after tasting his dish at his restaurant in person, I can definietly say, "Yeah! That was freakin' awsome!"

The only drawback with my dining experience at Morimoto Wakiki was the price, but you definitely get wha you pay for. I have dreamed of that dinner ever since. Unfortunately, I do not live near one of Morimoto's restaurants. So, I guess the only way to solve this problem is to "bring Morimoto into your own kitchen." 

The other day, I found his cook book and his new Henckel kitchen knife. 

First, his cook book is called Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking, and has received fairly good ratings from the book readers. It includes his recipes, the basics of rice-making and sushi, and knife skill as well. Some people said that it is not easy to excute the recipes at home. Of course, it will be difficult because it is Morimoto's recipe, but I believe it would be worth trying. By mastering just one of his dishes, you will be able to brag to your unknowing dinner guests about your cooking prowess. 

Also, Zwilling. J.A. Henckels lauched a new line of kitchen knives in partnership with Morimoto called Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife. As you know, Henckels is well known for traditional European cultery producing hefty and durable knives. As the popularity of Japanese cuisine and cutlery increased around the world, Henckels carefully selected the strengths of their German Henckels knife and combined them with traits found in Japanese cultery, and together with advice from Morimoto, created a masterful chef knife with the best qualities of East and West.


Henckels-miyabi morimoto


While having Morimoto's cookbook and his Miyabi chef knife does not make you cook like Morimoto, just like buying Eddie Van Halen's guitar doesn't make you play like him. it will allow you to improve your cooking abilities and cooking enjoyment in the kitchen. I recommend equipping yourself with the proper kitchen tools used by Morimoto himself in order to maximize your enjoyment in the kitchen. 




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