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Korean Taco

Korean BBQ Kimchi Taco

: How to Make Korean Taco at Home










                Rib-eye (2 lbs), Kimchi, Lettuce, Onion, soft Taco Tortilla, Sour Cream (Optional)


                 Soy sauce, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil

1.     Cut rib-eye, Kimchi, and onion into small cubes. Chop lettuce into long strips.

2.      Marinate rib-eye with Korean BBQ sauce for about 10 -15 minutes.

3.      In order to make Korean BBQ sauce, combine 5 big table spoons of soy sauce, 2~3 big spoons of brown sugar, 1 big spoon of sesame oil, and 1 table spoon of black pepper.

4.      Sautee Kimchi with olive oil and brown sugar until Kimchi is cooked. It turns yellowish and the strong smell of Kimchi gets less and less.

5.      Sautee rib-eye marinated with Korean BBQ sauce until it is cooked. Don’t put any extra oil in it. If the pan has a lid, you can cover the pan with the lid in the beginning for more juice to come out of sauce and meat. About 7-8 minutes, open the pan and cooks until the juice smear into the meat. If you do not eat raw onion, you can put onion into Korean BBQ sauce and marinate rib-eye and onion together.

6.      Panfry taco tortilla with a little bit of olive oil. You can put tortilla into microwave, but personally, I prefer the pan-fried tortilla. You can buy hard taco tortilla as well. It is up to your preference.

7.      Now, put all of the ingredients on a tortilla and enjoy it! You can put sour cream on the top of the ingredients as well. It smoothes the strong sour taste of Kimchi.


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