Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Reviews


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If you have a chance to view a Shun knife in person, you will be fascinated with the look of the Shun Chef knife. In contrast to the simplicity of traditional European chef knives, Japanese Shun Knives look incredibly sophisticated with greater attention to detail and just look BEAUTIFUL!

The Shun Classic Chef Knife has a wave-like pattern on its blade, created by 16 layers of Damascus stainless steel on each side of the blade with a core of VG-10 Japanese steel. The blade not only creates a great look, but the functionality of the Damascus pattern stuns the customers in terms of how carefully the knife is designed in regards to its appearance and functionality.

VG-10 stainless steel, a stainless with a high carbon content, is very popular in Japan’s high-end cutlery industry. Usually, if the portion of carbon in a knife is above 0.5%, the knife can be called “high carbon” steel. VG-10 stainless has carbon around 1% to 1.5%, making the knife super hard. This VG-10 stainless core is clad with 16 layers of SUS 410 stainless steel that resists corrosion. This gives the blade of Shun Classic Knife a very hard, long-lasting edge which is protected from corrosion by its many layers. The layers on the blade also help in slicing, preventing food from sticking to the blade.

Another striking feature of the Shun Classic is its acute angle of its edge, creating a razor-like blade. A typical Western Chef Knife is usually ground to 20-22 degrees per side, while Shun Classic has 16 degree per-side angle. This knife can cut through any food product, but you will need extra care in handling and using this extremely sharp knife. 

The D-shaped handle of the Shun Classic is designed to prevent twisting in the user’s hand, making for a secure grip. Like other Asian Chef Knives, the handle might be more suitable to smaller hand-size users. Pakkawood imbued with resin gives a gorgeous and classic charming look to the handle, along with being moisture resistance. Also, the Shun Classic has a simple bolster, which is the collar between the blade and the handle, making the knife much more light-weight than other European chef knives.

If you want to try a light-weight and extremely sharp chef knife, the stunning and classic look of the Shun Classic will not disappoint.

Before you buy a shun knife, check out this youtube video. It will help you in understanding Shun Knife better. Click here to watch the video. 


Reviews from Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife Users

I own both this knife and the Wusthof Classic 8" chef's knife, and I love them both to death. I tend to use the Shun more for cutting up poultry and such, because the steel is harder (less steeling when doing heavy work); and I use the Wusthof more for mincing and dicing veggies (much easier to use the bolster grip when doing these tasks).


With the Wusthoff, I have to concentrate on it, because the knife never fit in my hand perfectly. The Shun is amazing in this regard. I will also say that I do have small hands… that seems to make a difference in whether many will like the Shun or not, but it definitely felt natural in my hand. Is it sharp? Absolutely, everything cut like warm butter.


I got this knife for my wife who is a Chef. She says it is the best present I have ever given her. The weight and balance are perfect, and the edge is amazing. She just placed the edge of the knife on a piece of paper and suddenly we had two pieces of paper. The knife is also visually impressive.


For the price that I paid for this knife it's the best so far.

The handle is very well balance with blade. The D shaped handle works really well (Shun makes a left handed one but I think you might need to order it directly thought Shun). They stay sharp for a very long time. (Most expert recommend sharping the knife once a year.)  

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