Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

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Out of the box you can cut ripe tomatoes, apples, onions, etc extremely thin very, very easily. Thin enough that light passes through it. 


Comfortable. I've tried quite a few different lines from quite a few different knife companies and this knife ranks right up there in the top for me. I'm 6'2" 255 lbs, mediumish hands and I have plenty of room on this handle. Fits very well to my hand and is easy to maneuver


I've used German-style knives pretty much my entire career and I was fairly certain I would hate this knife simply because it doesn't have the heft that a German brings to the table. I was wrong. I hate to admit it, but I was. The blade is so thin and so sharp that heft becomes nothing more than an unnecessary entity under most circumstances. Not only is the heft unnecessary in most cases, but this blade allows extremely precise cuts. On a lark, I wanted to see what it would do versus a plastic 3 1/2 oz souffle cup. It went all the way through it in a single pass without even the slightest crinkle in the cup. Quite literally hot knife through butter. Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc are a freaking joke. Quite literally effortless.


I'm putting this as a pro mostly because the steel holds an edge decently well under normal usage. Cutting vegetables, breads, deboned meats etc this knife will make you giggle with glee. It is not however designed for bones or for being a can opener. It is a precision tool. With a simple daily honing after use the blade will hold a close-to-factory edge


there are times where it is necessary to use the heel to cut through something and in this circumstance the blade isn't tall enough to accomplish the task without you smashing your knuckles into the product. There are only really one or two items in my current menu where this happens, but it absolutely makes me cringe when it does.


I purchased a Shun classic 8 inch and was blown away at the quality and overall ballance of the knife. I decided to upgrade to the Premier…Wow, wow, wow!!! This knife is the best knife I have ever owned and I cant remember someone else I worked with having anything close to mine. Its like a scalpel or an exacto knife sharp…scary even for me and I do this stuff all day, Im trained.


I own several shuns now and they are my pride and joy,not only are they razor sharp but they hold an edge for a long time, even with daily use in a resturant kitchen. The premeir series are absoluty beautiful in person. These knives are sharp! Be warned show the knives respect and use proper technique s accordingly.

A perfect knife for professional and amateur cooks.Made of premium steel with special traditional production process. The blade is super sharp (Be careful!)and the handle is made of special Japanese wood which adds to it's beauty.

Handle is hard to hold with larger hands and when cutting through Butternut squash or similar would be too dangerous for me, at least on the Premieres I own. D-Handle Shun's are more secure in my hand

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