Shun Reserve ND0706 Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

Reviews from Shun Reserve ND0706 Chef's Knife, 8-Inch users

It is impressive looking and even sharper than my Classic chefs knife. I have had Henkels and Wustof knives but nothing has been this sharp straight out of the box. It has a nice weight and well balanced. I will have to get several more to complete the set!


The fit and finish of this knife is beautiful and flawless. I placed a paper towel on top of a plastic cutting board, under some damp mushrooms I was slicing and every time the knife contacted the paper towel it made a perfect shear cut in the paper towel it was so sharp. There wasn't a hint of a tear on the paper towel.


it is an amazing knife made from high quality materials. I'm more than satisfied and for the vast majority of professional and home users it is a top quality knife worthy of serious consideration.


It is heavy like a wusthof, yet has that unrivaled blade of a shun. My zwilling cronidur was my go to knife for a while, due to the weight and comfort in my hand, but my shun premier was my precision knife. This married those together in the perfect way. Well worth the scary price tag.


I really like Shun knives but these are really the top dog in kitchen knives. Finely crafted and extremely sharp. Blades are brittle so be careful how you handle them but a pleasure to work with for certain.

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