Top Five Healthy Kitchen Gift Ideas for the Newlyweds


yogurt makerAre you trying to decide on the perfect wedding gift? You probably are already familiar with a wide range of traditional wedding gifts such as china, salt and pepper shakers, and towels, but, if you are looking to make your wedding gift stand out among hundreds of boring gifts piled up on the gift table, you might consider the list below. These items are perfect for those who are concerned with green healthy lives. These kitchen items can guide the newlyweds into a happy healthy lifestyle together.


1. Chef Knives, Knife Sets

There are several benefits of giving a chef knife as a gift. First, a chef knife is the most important kitchen tool in the kitchen. Every chef must begin their proper kitchen with a chef knife. Second, a chef knife will last a really long time with the proper care. This will allow the person who received your gift the chance to use and appreciate your gift for years to come as opposed to other wedding gifts. Some of you might be debating whether to buy a really expensive, good-quality chef knife or go for the gusto, and buy them an 8-piece kitchen knife set. If you do, here is a tip for you. Some kitchen knife sets cost almost as much as one really good chef knife. A knife set made up of dull cheap kitchen knives are practically useless in a kitchen and actually could be dangerous and could lead to injuries such as finger cuts. It also will take up precious counter space. So, instead, you are better off buying a good-quality chef knife rather than nice-looking, but cheap, knife set. Here is a guide on how you can pick the best chef knife. 

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2. Juicer

Juicers and blenders are a couple of the hottest kitchen appliances right now among the healthy lifestyle crowd. Today, people desperately want to change to a healthy green lifestyle and incorporate into their lives positive habits, such as working out regularly and eating fruits and vegetables daily. Unfortunately, not all of us can have the time to dedicate to such a lifestyle. Most people live lives with heavy responsibilities. We are moms and dads and business owners and live fast-paced, busy lives.  For those who cannot often include fruits and vegetables in their meals, a juicer and a blender can help them with easy consumption of vegetables and fruits every morning. A lot of doctors recommend consuming actual vegetables and fruits instead of taking vitamins. If people have enough fruits and veggies in their diet every day, there really isn’t a need to buy vitamins, or so the theory goes. So, a juicer and a blender will be recommended for those who live fast-paced, hectic lives and need to eat and drink a lot of vegetables and fruits on the go. Check out Amazon best-selling juicer.

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3. Steamer

The best way to keep nutrients in foods intact is to “steam” them. Actually, steaming food helps the nutrients in some vegetables be absorbed into our body even more efficiently. While people acknowledge the health benefits of steaming food, it is not always that easy to steam food. You can steam food by keeping vegetables in a basket with a little water in a vessel. It sounds easy but I remember I had to throw away many burnt vessels because of steaming. So, having a good steamer at home can definitely help the newlyweds eat more steamed vegetables easily and can also help encourage them to eat healthy and right. Check out the best-selling steamer here.

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4. Yogurt maker

We often hear of numerous benefits of yogurt from the media. Yogurt claims to help with weight loss, especially belly fat. Also, yogurt has probiotics known as “friendly bacteria” that boosts your immune system and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.  Some people use yogurt even as a skin exfoliate, rubbing yogurt on their face. With all the health benefits coupled with the fact that yogurt is yummy, people love to eat yogurt. If you want to help the newlyweds get started on eating yogurt as part of their regular diet, you can buy them a yogurt maker. Some yogurt sold in stores can contain high levels of sodium, sugar, and artificial flavor. With a yogurt maker, you can easily make home-made yogurt in the comforts of your very home, and “kick it up a notch” by adding honey and fresh fruit!

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5. Cook books

Nowadays, people want to eat more fruits and vegetables. However, the biggest problem is preparing healthy plates, especially of vegetables. Sometimes, veggies can taste so dull and flavorless, and most people do not know how to make them delicious. If you think that the newlyweds will appreciate a healthy green lifestyle, they might need some guidance in the kitchen with a great cookbook. People can check some online recipes but they tend to dedicate themselves to a cookbook rather than random online recipes made up of a few pieces of papers in order to get some consistency throughout their cooking. Here is a great cookbook with green healthy recipes. 

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