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This classic 8 inch chef's knife was my first Wusthof. It has exceptional heft and balance, fits comfortably into my hand (I have smallish hands, so this was an initial concern) and, despite my fears and my experiences with other knives, I have yet to cut myself. A cheap, dull knife is more dangerous than a good, sharp one. This knife never slips, it cuts evenly and cleanly, and I *never* have to saw.


In my experience, a high quality Wusthof is not a splurge. It is the right tool for the job. I buy one Wusthof knife at a time, and always keep them on my amazon wish list. This was my first, and is the most useful for generalized chopping tasks.


A drawer full of cheap knives is much less practical than a small collection of a Wusthof Classic chef's knife, paring knife and utility or "sandwich" knife. These three can tackle any job expertly. Do yourself a favor, get the right tool for the job.


I love this knife. For years I was a prep cook. I chopped case after case of everything a restaurant uses. I have used cheap stamped knifes, and even custom knives. This one is the best I have ever used.


This particular model, the 8 inch chef's knife, is a great knife. Wusthof offers four sizes of chef's knives in the Classic line, 5, 6, 8 and 10 inch. For most home cooks, I think the 8 inch knife is the best choice. The 5 and 6 inch are a bit small for bigger jobs, but the 10 inch is too big for most jobs. While the 8 inch isn't perfect for all uses, if you are only buying one size chef's knife (and most people only buy one), this is the one I would recommend.


After almost 6 months of daily use, mine needed sharpened ($3 for a professional to sharpen it). You should also invest in a honing steel. This will not sharpen your knife, it will only realign the blade and keep it sharper longer.


The first time I used this knife, I was amazed at how easy it cut through chicken. No sawing action was needed, just a gentle push.


For the price of one of those butcher block sets, you can buy this knife instead. You won't regret it. One really good cook's knife, like this Wusthof, is worth all those other knives in your butcher block put together. The combination of excellent balance, weight and fine edge make chopping and slicing a breeze. (Another reviewer mentioned techniques that give you even more control of the knife.) And with proper care, this knife will give you a lifetime of pleasure in the kitchen.

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