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wusthof classic santoku

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If you try to be a healthy eater by balancing your meal with more consumption of vegetables and fruits, you should think about getting yourself a Wusthof classic Hollow Ground Santoku Knife. The Wusthof Classic Hollow Ground Santoku Knife is the best kitchen knife for chopping fruits and vegetables and will supplement the chopping tasks of your regular chef knife, making your cooking prep much easier and more efficient.

The Wusthof Classic Hollow Ground Santoku Knife has several features:

Japanese-style chef’s knife

Great for chopping, slicing, and dicing,

Hollows on the blade’s sides

Forged blade with a bolster and full-tang

High carbon stainless

Tough Polypropylene handle

Made in Germany


While Wusthof established its reputation by producing classic German knives, Wusthof has also embraced the increasing requests of their loyal customers to create a Japanese-style chef’s knife, a santoku knife.

The Wusthof Classic Hollow Ground Santoku Knife contains many of the traditional features of a Santoku knife in their design such as a big broad blade, a shorter length of blade ranging from 5 to 7 inch, and the hollows along the blade.

A big broad blade helps in transporting the chopped veggies and fruits to the pan or the bowls by scooping them on the blade. Also, a shorter length blade fits better in the chef’s hands, especially for those with relatively small hands. It will be a good alternative for those that complain about the 8 –inch chef knife being too big and bulky for simple chopping tasks. The hollows on the blade help in releasing the food that would normally stick to the blade when chopping.

Despite the Japanese Santoku Design, the Wusthof Classic Hollow Ground Santoku still follows the common structure of a classic German kitchen knife: a forged knife with a bolster and a full-tang. Like other Wusthof Chef Knives, this santoku knife is forged through a  special heating process gives the blade extra strength, making for a sharp and strong blade. The forged blade has a bolster, creating the perfect balance for chopping tasks. A full-tang blade runs from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle as one piece, which prevents the breaking of the blade from the handle. Also, the high carbon stainless steel makes for a strong and water-resistant blade. The high percentage of carbon in the steel makes the blade very sharp and strong. However, the weakness of high carbon steel is it is vulnerable to water damage. The inclusion of stainless steel in the knife material can compensate this drawback of high carbon steel, making for a strong, yet water-damage proof blade.

Another striking feature of the Wusthof Classic Hollow  Ground Santoku Knife is its tough Polypropylene handle. Polypropylene is a type of plastic that resists moisture exceptionally well and prevents water damage. Also, the melting point of Polypropylene is much higher than other materials, making for a tough handle resisting even high temperature.

The marriage of the Japanese santoku design and Wusthof’s own German knife manufacturing process created one of the best santoku knives with a sharp and strong blade and easy and comfortable design for chopping fruits and vegetables. While the Wusthof Santoku Knife may be relatively heftier than other traditional Japanese santoku knives because of its German forged knife features like its bolster and full-tang, it is still much lighter than the traditional Wusthof chef knife.  


Reviews from Wusthof Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Users







The santoku knife chops and dices quickly and cleanly, and cleaves serrano and Fresno peppers neatly in two. The knife is light and well-balanced, and while not quite as all-around versatile, is much better suited to chopping operations than the chef's knife. The hollow edge seems to help it to cut cleanly, and reduces but does not eliminate food sticking to the knife when chopped.


The Wusthof Classic 7-inch Hollow Edge Santoku Knife combines several ideas that combined, make slicing vegetables into precise pieces. This looks nice, but also lets the food all cook at a quick and similar amount of time. Be aware that a Santoku knife is NOT MADE TO CHOP THROUGH BONES or frozen foods


The blade is thin but still ridgid enough to cut and slice straight, allowing very thin slices. It cuts meat very well and is very, very sharp. The edge is ground to a very narrow angle. Looks to be about 7 to 10 degrees. The shallow edge angle is what allows it to be so sharp. Due to the very thin edge of the blade, it should not be used for chooping or heavy duty cutting. The steel used is excellent and holds its edge forever. 


Perhaps that's what gives the santoku its almost surgical feel. It's light, it's awesomely balanced, and the shape of the blade allows you to accomplish multiple tasks, from slicing chicken breasts, to chopping rosemary, to dicing garlic.


I have been using the Wusthof Santoku Knife for several months. It has a good balance and feel. You are able to slice and dice like a Pro. The blade is thin but still ridgid enough to cut and slice straight, allowing very thin slices. It cuts meat very well and is very, very sharp. The edge is ground to a very narrow angle.  


Due to the very thin edge of the blade, it should not be used for chooping or heavy duty cutting. The steel used is excellent and holds its edge forever. I touch it up ocassionaly with a ceramic sharpener. It only takes a couple of swipes with the cerramic. I think it is as sharp now as the day I received it.


First, it's very well balanced. Put your index finger against the bolster and under the handle; the knife will balance without effort. Second, it has a little more weight to it than the other 2 knives I've mentioned above. That's not to say it's heavy; rather it felt more solid to me. Third, the hollow design ("dimples" on the side of the blade) help prevent food from sticking. The hollow design won't totally prevent food from sticking to the blade (slices of "wet" vegetables like onions or tomatoes still stick), but it definitely helps. 


This Japanese inspired Santuko knife by Wusthof has certainly added to my joy in the kitchen. It's the perfect implement for slicing, dicing or chopping. Alternating indentations prevent food from sticking to the blade, while its heft and balance are perfection.


On this hollow-edge Santoku, there are oval indentations or 'kullens' on the side of the high-carbon, no-stain steel blade, so you can quickly and easily make very thin slices of your meat, fish, and veggies. I use this Santoku for preparing sashimi and carpaccio. (I don't make sushi, but this knife would be excellent for that, too.) So far it has stayed very sharp without any need for professional sharpening. I hand-wash and dry it and store it in a wooden knife block.


The handle is perfect and the hollow edge is great things don't stick and stack up on the edge when I'm busily chopping. Yesterday I was cutting some butter and was pleased that none of it stuck to the edge, like it does when I use my board scraper. I'm extremely pleased with this product. I've had mine over two years, use it every day, and it still looks new.


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