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When most professional chefs and home cooks are asked which knives are must-have in a kitchen, they usually say "one excellent chef knife" and "a parer."  There are many times in the kitchen where you may use a utility knife or a sandwich knife. Most cooks are actually able to accomplish most of their cutting needs with their reliable chef knife. However, when the task calls for cutting something small or carving something in delicate details, a parer is needed. While it is highly recommended to purchase a full knife set, sometimes cost limits a cook's choices. If you must choose only one another knife to use with your chef knife, the parer should be your choice.

Thus, the Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Knife Starter Set is an awsome choice for those who are getting serious about cooking such as newlyweds or new culinary school students. The Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Knife Starter Set includes the most important of kitchen knives: the chef knife and the parer. The parer knife is an ideal compliment to your standard chef knife that will allow the cook to expand his or her horizons by offering additional cutting methods not available to the chef knife.  

What also makes this knife set such a smart choice is the cook would be selecting a "Wusthof Classic Knife."

The Wusthof Classic Knife can be considered one of the most traditional German Knives. The Wusthof Classic Knife is forged with a full-tang and made of high carbon stainless steel, which slots it into the category of traditional high-end German kitchen knives.

The forged knife goes through a special heating process, which makes for a sharp and strong blade. Usually, a kitchen knife can be divided by two categories, forged and stamped. A forged knife needs extra intensive labor in the process of manufacturing the knife blade for additional strength to the blade, while a stamped knife is machine manufactured, making mass production of the knife possible. A stamped knife can be cost-effective, but there is no guarantee of quality. (It does not mean that all of the stamped knives are of bad quality. Some high-end Japanese knives are stamped with their own special heating process, which has similar attributes as other forged knives.)

The forged knife usually has a full-tang, meaning the blade runs from the tip to the end of the handle as one piece. The great thing about the full-tang is that even after long-term use, the blade will never break from the handle. Also, when you cut something hard and dense, you can put extra strength into the knife without any worries of the blade breaking from the handle. The full-tang can easily resist the outer pressure from difficult cutting tasks. 

Also, high carbon stainless steel makes the Wusthof Classic Knife perform wonderfully in the kitchen. Carbon is commonly known for making a knife blade stronger and sharper. High carbon steel can be very sharp and durable. However, the biggest drawback of high carbon steel is its vulnerability to  moisture, which could lead to corrosion of the blade. In order to compensate for that feature of high carbon steel, the Wusthof Classic Knife blade also includes stainless steel, increasing the resistance against moisture. Thus, the Wusthof Classic can be sharp, strong, and corrosion-resisting. 

The only potential negative of the forged knife is that it can be slightly bulky. The forged knife blade tends to be relatively heavier and thicker than traditional Japanese kitchen knives. However, when the blade gets dull, you can easily resharpen it at home. 

So, the Wusthof 9755Classic 2-Piece Knife Starter Set is a great choice for you. The Wusthof Classic Knife is very sharp, strong, and easy to maintain. Additionally, Amazon is currently offering an amazing deal on the Wusthof Classic Starter Set. Even just one high-end chef knife can cost you over $100. So, being able to purchase the Wusthof 9755Classic 2-Piece Knife Starter Set  for only $129.95 is a downright steal!

So, once you equip yourself with a Wusthof Classic Chef Knife and Parer, you will truly be ready to handle all kinds cutting task, both big and small. 

Check out the reviews from Wusthof Classic Knife Starter Set Users.







The balance and grip of these knives are as close to perfect as I have found. For those wondering what benefits a higher priced knife provides, one benefit is that the blade (or tang) is one piece all the way through the handle. This makes the blade much stronger, and less likely to snap.

In June of 2003, I wrote a blurb praising this starter set. My opinion from then hasn't changed, except the last part where I wrote that I couldn't justify Wusthof's price for those knive you don't use every day. Well, I lied. Since then I have replaced virtually every knife I had then with a Wusthof. Whether I was dicing veggies, carving a roast, or simply cutting up a chicken, I just got to the point where I could no longer tolerate using an inferior knife for the job; so I upgraded as I went along. All my old knives went into my camping box (you're supposed to be "roughing it" when camping, right?).

I received as a gift a set of three Wusthof knives when I moved into my first apartment. At that point in my life, I knew NOTHING about cooking, and could barely boil water. The knives sat in their box for several months before I finally got around to opening them. These knives, however, are absolutely amazing. The difference between my Wusthof knives and a "regular" knife is really impressive. I have been using them for over three years now on a daily basis, and have not yet needed to sharpen them. They easily cut through tough, sinewy cuts of meat, while still being sharp enough to tackle delicate fruits and vegetables without ripping at them. I have since, for the sake of experimentation, tried other "quality brand" knives including Henckel, but nothing has come close. I am now working on completeing my set of Wusthof.

I bought my first Wusthof about two years ago and have been adding to my set ever since. The Wusthof always has a sharp edge that I can depend upon not to tear my food, rather, always put a nice artful cut to my food.

If you're planning to cook, the cookware and knives will be your primary tools in the kitchen. For that reason, buy the best you can find – it's an investment that should last 30 years and be used by your children, too. I looked at 10" chef knives at the store and they were cumbersome and too large. This 8" felt better, had a sturdy feel to it and you could sense the craftsmanship when holding them. These stay sharp, haven't shown any signs of wear or rust and are quality made and heavy. Great starter set, and will last you for years to come.

Warm water, a sponge or sometimes a nylon scrubber will take care of all the cleaning you need to give them. Rinse and dry immediately. Never leave them to air dry– again, corrosion can be a problem and very sharp knives can slice through your thumb easily when picking up a towel that has a knife laying on it.

I hate to think of how many years I used cheap knives — about a year ago I needed to replace some kitchen tools and this set is the HEART of my kitchen, WORTH EVERY PENNY! When I opened the box I was impressed at the weight and balance of the chef's knife. It's a work of art. I realized all at once that I'd never even HELD a real knife before. Saying that these tools are a pleasure to use is an understatement! There is a day and night difference between these knives and the cheap knives you've probably got in your knife drawer. Life is short. Use good tools. This is an excellent set at a great price! You will never regret having upgraded to these knives!

These are my first Wustof's.These knives are so well balanced. They just feel right in your hand. I was shocked at how sharp they were right out of the box. Usually, I buy a knife and go out and get it sharpened. I want to just go buy stuff to chop, dice, julienne, and just cut.

This set is great and a good way to start. I went to Williams Sonoma and tried these and the Grand Prix models and Henckels and decided this was the best knife for me. I'd reccomend anyone else do the same to find the knife that fits them best.


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