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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S Stainless-Steel 8-Piece Knife Set with Block  from Amazon

When you are getting more serious about cooking, you will definitely need to have several good quality knives assisting you in your cooking rather than just relying on your chef knife for all cooking tasks. A chef knife is the key tool for your kitchen, but it is always nice to have the different sizes of kitchen knives to support the many functions of your chef knife. Having a good kitchen knife set will ease your efforts in cooking and allow you to expand your cooking techniques and what you can do in the kitchen.. 

For those who want to make a smart investment to increase their cooking prowess, I highly recommend the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S Stainless-Steel 8-Piece Knife Set with Block, which is availble through at a savings of up to 52%! (To compare, one J.A. Henckels Pro "S" Chef's Knife, 8" is $129.95. The Henckels Pro S 8 piece knife set priced below $300 is an absolutely amazing deal.)

Among the many Henckels lines of knives, the Pro S is one of the best kitchen knife lines. 

The first of many striking features of the Henckels Pro S is its full-tang handle. 

A full-tang refers to the blade of kitchen knife running from the tip of the blade towards the handle in continuous one piece. 

The great thing about a full-tang handle is that the blade never breaks from the handle even after long-term use. Think about the many occasions you have had where you were cutting something very dense and hard like potatoes, raddish, and pumpkins. A flimsy blade that is not secured to the handle by a full-tang could easily break trying to accomplish all those tasks. 

Thereby, the full-tang handle definitely benefits you in the long-term.

Also, if you read the the descriptions of the Henckels pro-s kitchen knife, you will notice that the knife is made of a high carbon stainless steel combination. High carbon stainless is getting more and more popular in knife manufacturing. High carbon stainless compensates for the relative strengths and weaknesses of carbon and stainless steel into one solid kitchen knife. 

First, high carbon makes for a sharp and strong blade. The more carbon the blade is made of, the harder it can get. It also makes for a very sharp blade which will hold its edge longer. However, a high carbon blade is very vulnerable to moisture, and may corrode very easily. The stainless can make up for the weakness of high carbon by resisting that type of corrosion. 

With these features, the Henckels Pro S chef knife is one of the most classic German knives and one of the best quality chef knives out on the market, that is affordable to the everyday consumer.  

Having a Henckels Pro S knife block set can make your cooking much easier by providing you with the must-haves in your kitchen. 

The Henckels Pro S knife block set includes a parer, a utility knife, a sandwich knife, a santoku knife, chef knife, shears, and sharpening steel.

The great thing about this knife block is the inclusion of a santoku knife along with the standard chef knife. Having a santoku knife, along with your chef knife in your kitchen, will provide you with great benefits because of the easy use of the santoku knife for prepping vegies and fruits and the reduced risks of cross-contamination by using separate knives for separate coking tasks. 

The santoku knife has a broader blade and a hollow-edge, which makes handling vegetables and fruites much easier. You can transfer the chopped vegetables to the pan by scooping them on the blade, and the hollowed edge prevents the chopped vegetables from sticking to the blade, making the santoku knife a perfect knife for cutting vegetables and fruits. 

Additionally, if you separate your cooking tasks by using your santoku knife for handling vegetables and fruits and your chef knife for cutting meat, you can easily protect you and our guests from cross contaminations, which could lead to serious food poisoning. 

You can confirm the popularity and great features of the Henckels Pro S Knife Set from actual users' reviews. In Amazon, the Henckels Pro S Knife set has recieved five-star ratings out of five from their customers. 

You can check out the ratings and reviews of Henckels Pro S Knife Sets below. 


Reviews from Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S Stainless-Steel 8-Piece Knife Set with Block users




These knives are beautiful, VERY sharp, well balanced, and its nice considering that I no longer need to think about knives from now on. Go for the quality, as it is cheaper in the long run than cheap knives (or anything), and when you see a good sale, jump before they change their mind!


They are sharp. I mean wicked sharp. And they have totally kept their edge for a few months now. They cut with incredible ease and they feel good in the hand with a nice balance. The range of knives is good, except that there is no bread knife. I love the Santoku blade.


I purchased this item because it was highly rated by consumer reports. I have been very pleased with it since it arrived.


These knives are lighter than I expected, not so they feel cheap but nearly as light as a ceramic of the same size. Terribly sharp, the steel does a great job on knives of lesser quality, I have not yet had to sharpen any of the Zwilling knives.


After much research, and trying several imitations, I have finally found what a REAL set of knives is supposed to be like. No more struggling to cut or disappointing products. This is by far the best knife set on the market without spending over a thousand bucks. Worth much more then it costs. You won't regret forking out the money for these. They're sharp…and they stay sharp. Not too difficult to sharpen either, but you won't need to very often. Perfectly balanced.


This is an excellent set. After several months of research, I decided on this set 6 months ago. They are used daily and it's a pleasure…well-balanced, comfortable, and reliable. During my research I noticed the price fluctuated some, so it's worth watching for competitive price.


My wife couldn't believe how much easier it is to cut vegetables, meat, etc with these knives. She loves them. She is an amazing cook! Now her life is made easier with the knives.


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